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Raleigh Wisdom Teeth Removal

As most people reach adulthood, they receive their last set of molars, their wisdom teeth. These final teeth are often not a welcomed addition to the mouth, with many causing more problems than they are worth. While not all wisdom teeth need to be removed, many times it is in the best interest for the dental health of the patient to have them extracted. Dr. Thomas, here at Rolling Ridge Dentistry in Raleigh, is your local expert when it comes to wisdom teeth removal and other dental services.

The issue with many wisdom teeth is that many grow in impacted. This means they do not emerge as they should, blocked from growing in properly. Impacted wisdom teeth are usually lying horizontal, instead of vertical, so they stay below the gum line surface, or barely sprout up, exposing only a small portion of the tooth. Wisdom teeth can also grow in sideways, causing problems with other teeth. When a wisdom tooth is impacted, it is almost always best to have it removed before it causes any pain or dental problems for the patient.

Impacted Tooth Extractions

When wisdom teeth begin to form and come in, it is important to monitor their progress. Dr. Thomas can perform a comprehensive exam using x-rays to determine if there are any issues with you or your teenager’s wisdom teeth. If they are impacted, Dr. Thomas can perform an impacted tooth extraction. This can prevent these poorly formed teeth from causing pain and other dental problems in the future. In most cases, impacted teeth can be removed in one visit on an out-patient basis.

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