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Fixed Bridges

At Rolling Ridge Dentistry, we have helped many people restore their beautiful smiles with the use of fixed bridges and other dental services. When a person is missing one or more teeth, it can affect their ability to chew, change the shape of their face and diminish the look of their smile. A fixed bridge is one option to replace those missing teeth with beautiful porcelain crowns and artificial teeth. For experienced dental bridge work in Raleigh, Dr. Thomas is your local expert.

A fixed or traditional bridge is the most common type of dental bridge used to replace teeth. The process is to use teeth on either side of the missing tooth or teeth as anchors to attach the artificial tooth or pontic to and hold it in place. The anchor teeth are covered with crowns and the tooth or teeth in between them are set into place. The result is a row of natural looking teeth that are fully functional and look amazing. Since they are anchored in place, fixed dental bridges are not removable and will last for many years as a replacement for your missing teeth.

Cosmetic Dental Bridges

A missing tooth or teeth can change the entire appearance of your face and mouth. Teeth can begin to shift and it can be more difficult to enjoy your meals. Plus, your smile is just not as lovely when you have teeth that are missing. Cosmetic dental bridges do more than just give you a beautiful smile; they protect the shape of your face and smile, and give you the ability to have fixed, functional teeth for many years to come.

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