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Raleigh Dentures

Are you ready to make the leap to a beautiful smile with a new, comfortable set of customized dentures? As part of our dental services, we offer high quality partial and full dentures, plus implant supported dentures, for our patients from Raleigh and the surrounding area. Dr. Thomas has created new dentures for many of our clients that outperform other sets they have tried, fitting comfortably while giving our patients the beautiful smile they deserve.

Full/Complete Dentures

Full or complete dentures are an entire set of man-made teeth to replace both the bottom and upper teeth. While full denture sets are common, they are the most difficult to fit comfortably. Since there are no teeth to adhere the dentures to, they can tend to slip and move, making it difficult and uncomfortable to chew. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Dr. Thomas has perfected his skill in making modern full dentures that fit comfortably and don’t slip or move like many other sets.

Dr. Thomas also creates beautiful implant supported dentures. These can also be complete dentures but are anchored to implants to give greater stability. Dr. Thomas can create new implant supported dentures as well as add the dental implants for patients wanting this type of dentures.

Partial Dentures

Those that are missing only a few teeth or just upper or lower sets of teeth can use partial dentures. These are much easier for patients to use since they are supported by their own permanent teeth. Dr. Thomas customizes each set of dentures for the best fit and aesthetic appeal, giving every patient a bright, beautiful smile.

Whether you already have dentures but are looking for a more comfortable set or you are ready to get a new, full smile with your first set of dentures, contact us today at Rolling Ridge Dentistry in Raleigh. Our friendly team will schedule an appointment with Dr. Thomas for an initial consultation to begin the process of creating your beautiful set of new dentures.