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Raleigh Dental Implants

Everyone deserves a second chance, especially when it comes to their smile. Dental implants are the closest options to natural teeth available, foregoing the need for dentures or bridges to replace missing teeth. At Rolling Ridge Dentistry, we offer in-house dental implants as part of our dental care services for our patients, under the expert care of Dr. Thomas, who has the training, equipment and experience to help our patient’s get that second chance on a beautiful, healthy smile!

Replace Missing Teeth

Implants are used to individually replace missing teeth. The procedure involves inserting a titanium post or screw into the jaw that serves as the ‘root’ of the new tooth. This anchors the tooth in place so there is no movement, which is common in bridges or dentures. Over time, the titanium post can fuse into the jaw bone, making it a stable, lasting fixture. The post is attached to a prosthetic tooth that is a strong, natural looking replacement for the missing natural tooth. This new tooth is resistant to decay, is perfectly aligned and completely comfortable.

Implant Dentistry Specialist

Unlike many other dentist offices, at Rolling Ridge Dentistry, we do not need to refer our patients to other dental care facilities if they want dental implants. Dr. Thomas is an implant dentistry specialist and has the education, training and advanced equipment to perform this procedure right in our office. We offer individual dental implants as well as full smile replacements, depending on each patient’s individual needs.

If you are looking for a dental implant specialist in the Raleigh area, contact Rolling Ridge Dentistry today. We can schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Thomas to begin your journey to your second-chance smile! Our office accepts several types of dental insurance plans plus we have convenient payment options available so you can get the smile you want today.