What is a Necessary Dental Concern?

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If you have ever asked yourself, “Is this something I should bring up with my dentist?” then you have had a necessary dental concern. The long and short of it is that any dental concern that you have – no matter how small it may seem – is a necessary concern to your dentist. Your best decision is to bring up an issue because your dentist would much rather treat a small concern than for you to ignore it and have to treat a major oral health issue.

Dental emergencies are fairly easy to identify. They typically involve severe pain, blood, and/or a knocked out tooth. Emergency dental situations should always receive immediate attention because the sooner they are treated, the greater chance there will be for saving the tooth or for a full restoration.

However, it is often the non-emergency situations that tend to cause patients a great deal of trouble with their oral health. Many people think that a minor issue will simply go away on its own, so they choose to “wait it out” instead of seeing their dentist. They feel silly making an appointment simply because their gums are bleeding while they brush their teeth, or because they have a sensitive tooth, or because something just seems “iffy.” However, what every dentist across the nation wants every patient to understand is that there is no such thing as a small dental concern. Small dental concerns can quickly evolve into large dental concerns that cost a great deal in the way of recovery and expense. The best choice is to bring up a small concern before it gets out of hand. Those bleeding gums? They are typically the first sign of gum disease, which left to fester leads to irreversible damage. That sensitive tooth? Decay could be present, and if decay is not treated it can quickly spread to neighboring teeth and destroy your entire smile. Being pro-active with your dental health is your greatest method of combat against major dental issues.

At Rolling Ridge Dentistry, Dr. Timothy Thomas is committed to providing patients in Raleigh, North Carolina with the highest standard in patient-centered dental care. Any concern that you have regarding your oral health is a necessary dental concern to us. Please call our practice today.

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