How to Save for Cosmetic Dental Care


Saving for Cosmetic Dental Care

Not feeling confident about your smile is hard. Paying for cosmetic dental care shouldn’t be any more difficult, but depending on your insurance plan and other income factors, it may seem daunting. If you want to save money for teeth whitening or veneers, take matters into your own hands.

To save up some extra cash for cosmetic dental care, here are some things you can cut out of your routine that may help boost your bank account.

1. COFFEE: Coffee isn’t good for your smile, so cutting it out will save your teeth from additional acid attrition (wearing away of enamel) and staining. Not to mention it will save you that daily $2 at Starbucks. That’s $60 per month!

2. SODA: The second of the bad-for-your-teeth beverages, soda can also erode the enamel of your teeth and cause staining. Cut the soda and drink some water. It’ll save you another $2 per day.

3. SMOKING: Smoking is also detrimental to your oral health in more than one way. If you’re unhappy with your smile, cutting out smoking will prevent further dental issues you may have. At about $6 per pack. you could save anywhere from $24 to $180 per month!

4. FOOD: Now, you should still eat. However, cutting out extra “junk food” will save you money on your grocery bill and at restaurants. Don’t pick up extra desserts or snack foods.  Instead, buy some extra fruit, vegetables, and maybe one unhealthy treat for the week. Forgo the fast food for healthy homemade lunches. You’ll spend less of your weekly food budget. Pack foods like raw veggies, low-fat dairy, and lean meats to scrub your teeth while you munch. Avoiding the fast food carbs that turn into sugar in your mouth will also help you smile brighter and prevent cavities. Homemade lunches can cost about $3-7 less than eating out, meaning you’ll save about $90 to $210 per month.

5. TELEVISION: Most people routinely go through the “to ditch the cable, or not to ditch the cable” phase. Take a couple of months and choose to ditch the cable. Even if you pick up a few (used) books or new hobby supplies, you’ll still probably come out on top, and have a new and exciting way to exercise your body or mind. Most cable bills run at $80-250 per month.

What suggestions do you have for saving for cosmetic dental care? Trust us when we say that with just a few healthier tweaks, you’ll have a more confident smile for a lifetime. By following just the 5 tips above, you could save  $254 to $760 per month towards your cosmetic dental treatment!

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